Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ian Maclean

Son of a Time Travelling Highlander/ Soon to be Master of Time
The Masters of Time series / Brenda Joyce

Ian is a smouldering bad boy who with just one look has you going up in flame. He truly has a tortured past that he relentlessly hides behind his bad boy facade and it's easy to get caught up in the sarcasm and coldness, that you miss the little boy buried deep inside, waiting to be loved. He doesn't have to try being sexy, it's part of who he is and wearing those tight fitted jeans, he leaves nothing to the imagination. With his Scottish brogue, he'll have you fighting to keep control because the very second you let his seductive voice lower your guards, you'll never be able to get enough of him. And being the bad boy that he is, Ian won't ever grow tired of showing you just how much pleasure he can give you.
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From Dark Lover

"You like my hair" she said
His smile vanished. He said slowly, "I like yer hair because all I can see when I look at ye is yer face and eyes."
Sam went still. Her heart exploded with delight. "Wow" she said.
And Ian Maclean flushed. He started abruptly across the room.

From Dark Victory

"Hello, Rose." he paused by a dry bar and poured champagne into an untouched flute. He handed it to her. "Welcome to my lair."
"But your father was the wolf." Sam batted her lashes at him.
"Like father, like son." he murmured, his gaze dipping to her cleavage .......

....His gaze narrowed and his smile vanished. There was no laughter now. "Take a good long look, because it's your last one."
His thick lashes lifted. His stare was gray and sizzling. "Tis my first one, Samantha, an' not the last"
"Delusions are always so sweet"
His gaze moved down every inch of her body then lifted. "Do you really wish to prolong the agony?" .....

....His mouth curled. It was a moment before he spoke. "I don't want ye to play nice," he said softly. "I want ye to play bad"



Give me Gerard Butler as the Hawk in the Karen Marie Moning series and I will have died and gone to heaven. I miss those Highlanders though I never liked Adam Black. I couldn't see him as anything but the bad guy and I never even finished that book. I haven't read this new series.

TheBookishSnob said...

Oohhh Gerard Butler .. he is such a SEXY man. I have no idea why they don't put him in a Highlander movie. The man was born for a kilt.

Hope you get a chance to read this series because it is REALLY good!!

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