Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adam Black

Fae Prince / Tuatha De Danaan

The Immortal Highlander / Highlander Series / Karen M. Moning

Disclaimer: Adam, in all his glory, could easily have been classed a bad boy. Heck, he could have been given a page all of his own. But something whispered inside me, that when all is said and done, when he finally sheds his bad boy persona, Adam Black will forever and always be .. one of the sexiest men in romance.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ian Maclean

Son of a Time Travelling Highlander/ Soon to be Master of Time
The Masters of Time series / Brenda Joyce

Ian is a smouldering bad boy who with just one look has you going up in flame. He truly has a tortured past that he relentlessly hides behind his bad boy facade and it's easy to get caught up in the sarcasm and coldness, that you miss the little boy buried deep inside, waiting to be loved. He doesn't have to try being sexy, it's part of who he is and wearing those tight fitted jeans, he leaves nothing to the imagination. With his Scottish brogue, he'll have you fighting to keep control because the very second you let his seductive voice lower your guards, you'll never be able to get enough of him. And being the bad boy that he is, Ian won't ever grow tired of showing you just how much pleasure he can give you.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vance Mangum

The Of Witches and Warlocks Series / Lacey Weatherford

Vance is the bad boy that the moment you hear the roar of his motorcycle, your knees are weak and your heart begins racing. You don't even have to look at him for your mouth to water and forget looking into his eyes because the moment you do, he owns you heart, body and soul. He's funny, charismatic and never holds back from letting the world know that you are his and his alone. He's the bad boy whose perfect body thrums with power and watch out to the fool that threatens those that Vance loves - that power will ignite and incinerate the offender, a reminder to all that he is not to be messed with. For him you'd go to the ends of the world for and can be confident that his devotion and loyalty is yours to own. He's the bad boy you want to see when you first open your eyes in the morning and that last thing you see after kissing him goodnight to sleep.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries series / LJ Smith

Damon is the bad boy that is sarcastically evil with a twisted sense of humor and when push comes to shove will choose himself over anyone else. He's so bad that you'd love to hate him but just one look at that smirk and raised eyebrow and you are lost forever. Life with him is all about dancing in the rafters and causing mayhem. But be careful because somewhere under all that sarcasm, lies the potential for a heart of gold.

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James Stark

Warrior Vampyre
The House of Night Series / PC Cast

Stark is the bad boy that melts your heart and insides with his warm brown eyes and cocky smile. Just like with his Goddess given talent, Stark never misses his mark especially if you're the target of his heart. He will go to the end of the world, to the realm of the spirits, to keep you safe and has no problem guarding you with his life.

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The Study Series / Maria V. Snyder

He's the bad boy that sneaks up on you and is always watching from the shadows. He sees and knows everything because he takes the time to learn all he can and study his object of interest. When Valek commits, he does wholeheartedly and you become the only one that exists in his world. He smolders and leaves no doubt that you belong with him.

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Jericho Z Barrons

The Fever Series / Karen Moning

Jericho is the sexy bad boy that melts your panties with one glance. He's the bad boy who has no problem being himself and when he has you in his sights - brace yourself because he'll turn you inside out and upside down. Stitch your name on your clothes because he'll have you forgetting your name.

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Clayton Danvers

Women of the Otherworld / Kelley Armstrong

Clayton is the bad boy who just oozes raw energy and the one that sparks fear in the heart of his enemies . He wants what he wants, says what he wants and heaven help the fool that stands in his way. Fiercely loyal and protective, Clayton will move heaven and earth for the ones he loves.

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