Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jericho Z Barrons

The Fever Series / Karen Moning

Jericho is the sexy bad boy that melts your panties with one glance. He's the bad boy who has no problem being himself and when he has you in his sights - brace yourself because he'll turn you inside out and upside down. Stitch your name on your clothes because he'll have you forgetting your name.

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"His voice worked on me like an aphrodisiac .. my body anticipated, greedily expected pleasure in his presence. I inhaled, caught myself straining for the scent of him, and closed my eyes .. Jericho Barrons was my poison now"

"I was about to look away when he reached across the seat, touched my jaw with his long, strong beautiful fingers, and caressed my face. Being touched by Barrons with kindness makes you feel like you must be the most special person in the world. It's like walking up to the biggest, most savage lion in the jungle, lying down, placing your head in its mouth, and rather than taking your life, it licks you and purrs."


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