Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adam Black

Fae Prince / Tuatha De Danaan

The Immortal Highlander / Highlander Series / Karen M. Moning

Disclaimer: Adam, in all his glory, could easily have been classed a bad boy. Heck, he could have been given a page all of his own. But something whispered inside me, that when all is said and done, when he finally sheds his bad boy persona, Adam Black will forever and always be .. one of the sexiest men in romance.

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With just one glimpse, one lingering touch, one deep blistering kiss, Adam Black holds the power to forever change you. His is the ability to stir up a whirlwind of passion and longing so strong, that at any time he can tip the scale, leaving you shattered in pieces, spiraling into waves of heat and desire. He's built for the ultimate in pleasure, for long seduction and intense bursts of insatiable hunger. He is Fae and with that comes the power to grant you your every wish, every fantasy, every temptation. He knows his power and knows perfectly how to yield it to get what he wants. But through his fondness for mankind, he has also come to know yearning, that soul shattering need to be accepted and be loved. His is the love that when given, means everything and there isn't anything he won't do to take care of what's his. Others may look to him as the beautiful god-like creature that he is or for the indescribable pleasure he can offer but there's more to Adam . There is hidden depth and it's this side of him that makes him incredibly sexy.

From The Immortal Highlander

"He stepped forward, moving with sleek animal grace, a predatory glint in his dark gaze. He was hunger and she was food. And from the look in his eyes he was going to devour her. He stalked to her, towering over her, staring down, reaching out to lightly touch the choker at her neck with his fingertips. "You know what this means" he said softly, intensely. "Mine. You accept it. You're mine. No, shush. " He pressed a finger to her lips. "Don't say a word. Just let me look at you. I've been waiting to see you in this dress."
Circling behind her, he pushed the door gently closed, and she heard the metallic clicking of tumblers as he locked it. He padded slowly around her....
... He padded another slow naked circle around her. "And now here you are. In my chambers. Locked in. And you're not getting out until I say you are. And I may never say it."

"He was inexhaustible, alternately tender and wild, playful, then staring into her eyes with deadly intensity. He made a woman feel as if nothing existed but her, as if the entire world had melted away and there was nothing more pressing than her next soft gasp, her next smile, their next kiss."


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